Teachers Write: Monday 6/18

18 Jun

One of my Twitter peeps tweeted about this summer writing camp for teachers (follow #TeachersWrite for more info) hosted by author Kate Messner. Though I’m joining a week later, I’m excited to get my hands dirty in the messy realm of writing. Here’s today’s assignment:

Today: Get inspired by a single word.

Assignment: Go to the random noun generator: http://www.wordgenerator.net/noun-generator.php
The first word that pops up is yours for the day. You have two choices:

  • Brainstorm:Generate a full page of plot ideas with that noun at the center of yourthoughts. Need a boost? Add in a second word.
  • Dive in: Let your noun kickstart a piece of writing.

Wow. Noun generator gave me “chair.” I thought about cheating and clicking “generate a new word” because really, who hasn’t done that? But then I realized I was being a coward and shying away from the challenge in front of me. “This word is stupid,” “this word gives me NOTHING to work with,” “uugh, I have nothing to say about this word!” were some of my thoughts. Right before I was about to click for a new word, I bucked up and decided to make the best of it. “A chair?!” Then I saw it. Clear as day. Or actually, night, since that was the scene in my head.

Tossed into the empty room, Sam reached out into the dark to brace the fall. She stumbled as her arms reached out in the still and touched nothing. The girl landed on the cold concrete with a sickening thud. Time passed, how long, Sam wasn’t sure, before she opened her eyes and waited for them to adjust to the dark. She made out a shape and crawled toward it. A chair. A dusty, beat up chair in the middle of the otherwise bare room. “What is going on here?” she thought. Bypassing the chair, she slunk (“slinked?” Chrome disagrees that slinked is a word.) to the floor in the corner. She pulled her knees up close and wedged her face between her legs, careful not to let them see her cry. She must be careful here, something is not right here.

It’s hard to stop! And while I’m writing I’m seeing the chair in the middle of the room and trying to figure out what it’s purpose is. I know this isn’t going to be a happy story and I’m pretty sure the chair will have some torturous purpose. I’m looking forward to continuing my journaling tomorrow!

PS – For more info on #TeachersWrite, follow the hashtag on Twitter or visit Kate Messner’s blog at http://www.katemessner.com/blog/.

Happy Writing!


One Response to “Teachers Write: Monday 6/18”

  1. Margo Giambalvo July 2, 2012 at 4:31 am #

    I love this. Emily Gould is rapidly becoming my favourite writer. Wow.

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