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Teachers Write: Tuesday Quickwrite

8 Jul

Oh no. What have I done? I’ve watched Twitter-friends revel in their joys of adventures in writing for two years, but was never an active participant. And now I’ve actually signed up. And then I read the assignment. And now I’m freaking out. (And apparently I’m channeling Ernest Hemingway and his short syntax.)

So, with a groan, I begin my summer writing journey. I expect to be frustrated, angry, happy, sappy, humorous; but above all, I expect to grow. Continue reading


Teachers Write: Tuesday Quick Write 6/19

19 Jun

Yay, time for Tuesday Quick Write for #teacherswrite! Here’s the prompt:

“Getting to know your characters is crucial. This means more than just the surface things like hair color or height. It means knowing what they like and what they don’t. What’s in their closet. How they talk and how they perceive the universe. Once you understand these things about your characters, their voices will shine in your writing.

So today, think of the main character in whatever you’re working on. Writing in that character’s voice, answer these two questions: How do you see yourself? How do others see you?”

I’m going to continue working with Sam. I’m not sure yet why she is troubled or even in trouble, so I’m anxious to let her reveal that to me.

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Teachers Write: Monday 6/18

18 Jun

One of my Twitter peeps tweeted about this summer writing camp for teachers (follow #TeachersWrite for more info) hosted by author Kate Messner. Though I’m joining a week later, I’m excited to get my hands dirty in the messy realm of writing. Here’s today’s assignment:

Today: Get inspired by a single word.

Assignment: Go to the random noun generator:
The first word that pops up is yours for the day. You have two choices:

  • Brainstorm:Generate a full page of plot ideas with that noun at the center of yourthoughts. Need a boost? Add in a second word.
  • Dive in: Let your noun kickstart a piece of writing.

Wow. Noun generator gave me “chair.” I thought about cheating and clicking “generate a new word” because really, who hasn’t done that? But then I realized I was being a coward and shying away from the challenge in front of me. “This word is stupid,” “this word gives me NOTHING to work with,” “uugh, I have nothing to say about this word!” were some of my thoughts. Right before I was about to click for a new word, I bucked up and decided to make the best of it. “A chair?!” Then I saw it. Clear as day. Or actually, night, since that was the scene in my head.

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