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News Report!

10 Jul

Well, it’s important news for me, anyway. I have spent the last 35 days of summer not knowing my courses for next school year. We just finished up our first year of the new early college program (you can read all about it here). The 9th graders will be sophomores next year, and we’ll be accepting a new class of freshmen. I taught 9th grade general and honors English this past year, and looked forward to getting my course list ASAP to start planning for the upcoming school year.

Turns out, I’ll be moving up through the grades and teaching the sophomores next year!! I’ll be teaching three classes: 10th general, 10th honors, and 9th honors English! Ye-haw! I’m so happy that my administration has faith in me and my abilities and they know where my talents can best be utilized. It makes me feel so valued (huge grinning face here).

I am excited. A new challenge lies ahead. Another push for excellence is before me. When will I get a chance like this again? How awesome to build the curriculum and move up and teach the same group of students throughout their four years? Hooray!

Now I need to finish mapping my 9th grade stuff to share with the new teacher. And then start mapping 10th grade. And decide on the first novel. And write a list of supplies needed. And actually make a LIST of all the lists that need to be done. Ay yi yi!

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